And Yet Another Argument

I had another argument with the husband. 

I was telling him about the current employee case we have. 

Then I showed him an SMS from an officemate. 

As usual, he wasn’t happy. 

It was some sort of an eye opener for me. 

I am slowly becoming the person I hate daw. 

May malalim na hugot yun. 

If I continue to be like the person I am, he’ll be left with no choice but to force me resign. No ifs, no buts. 
I am matapang kasi. 

I fear no one as long as I know I am doing what’s right, and I violate nothing.

I am pro-people but when the need arises (which just happened), I have to be on the other side. 

I respect due process, and I respect policies. 

I am not an A+ employee. I play fair. I go with the flow. 
And I love my job. It’s tiring, but fun. I learn new things everyday, and I develop my skills with every task. I am pushed to my limits. My Issues and concerns always test my abilities. I don’t feel stagnant. I earn what is due me, and I enjoy my benefits. My boss is superb. My HR friends love me. I am respected. Some may dislike or even hate me, but most people adore me. It is like I finally found my calling.
I would be very heart broken if my husband wins this debate. Heart broken not because I do not want him to win, but because my job is somehow a part of who I am. A part that you can not take from a whole. I’ll be really sad. 
I am under probation daw, sabi ni husband. Heaven forbid, that the issues for the following days won’t be like this anymore. 


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