My iPhone has been busted for exactly 7 months now. It was the New Year’s Eve when I noticed it not ringing. I thought at first that I wasn’t getting any greetings, or the lines are already congested. But when I checked my phone, I’ve lots of messages. I tried playing a music and video, negative. 

I turned it on and off but to no avail. 

I didn’t want to stress myself out that time, so I let it pass. 

After the holidays, we brought my phone to SM Aura Mac Center. It was confirmed that my hardware has given up on me. 

The cost of having it repaired is like buying a new one. My husband was already willing to buy me a new and better unit, but I told him that I still have to think about it. 

Fast forward to today, I am still undecided. Hahaha. Peewee already gave me an ultimatum. Bonggels si husbandry, he asked me to choose between Samsung S6 Edge and an Iphone 6. 

Naiinis na sya na everytime he calls me, I can not pick up the phone asap, or reply to his SMSs, kasi nga hindi tumutunog! Hahaha. 

Everytime I’ll share a video with them, I still need an earphone. 

Nakakahinayang kasi. Who wouldn’t want a new phone na free di ba? Sabi ko kay husband, if he really wants to buy me a new unit, he wouldn’t wait for 7 long months. Para ano daw? Bibili sya, di ko magugustuhan, sayang. Para-paraan, dahi-dahilan. Hehehe. 

So for now, okay pa ako. Pero hindi dapat. Kasi how if an emergency arise, and I can not respond immediately kasi I didn’t notice my phone? Ansaklap! 

Pahabol: ang hashtag daw ng issue na’to sabi ni Prewee Boy, #KonyoProblems 


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