Ponytail, et.al

I grew up with a short hair. As in short short. Siete. Full bangs with ear length hair. Feeling ko kasi dapat lahat ng kabataang babae pagdaanan yon.
Mama said she did that to save her and our nannies time and effort in fixing our hair. That’s why in college, I was so happy that all we have to do is to tie our hair up in a bun. Easy peasy!
I can only fix my hair in the following ways:

1. Pony tail – low, mid, high

2. Headband

3. Bangs clipped
No more, no less.
Now that I have a very kikay child, with a nanny who’s very creative, I know I should not have any problem.
Not until this school year came. I told you here, it is a milestone.
A week before the school started, I bought her several headbands and clips. Solved! But when she started requesting for Elsa-like or Sophia the First-like hair, sumakit ang bangs ko!

  design yang crooked na hati ng hair! haha.

  everything looks nice and clean sa front view. oha!
Kamot na lang ang nagagawa ko every morning. Hay. I really have to convince my husband that Enzo should also experience that siete cut!

  hindi talaga magpantay, kasi!


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