Talkathon as my Sport

I love talking! I love to be the center of attention! I love it when the spotlight is on me! I love it when I’m bida! Haha. Papansin much? Don’t care, care bears!

Napagkakakitaan ko yung kadaldalan ko. I do hosting jobs when requested, and I know I do good, kasi may mga repeat orders! Hahaha.

I love entertaining people. It warms my heart when I make my audience laugh. I help my clients make their events extra memorable. I treat each and every event special.

When the task of conducting the New Employee Orientation was given to me, I was elated. I take every session a chance to build my image (yeheeees artista). From there, I gain their respect. Maintenance na lang.

A friend once asked me if I plan to go full time with my hosting. Hindi naman. It is just a hobby, a part-time, a break from everything I do.

My skills started early. I think I was in Grade 1 when my then adviser, Mrs. Evelyn Salvador asked us to do a mini talk show. I enjoyed it.

As a host, or an emcee, I make sure to do my research. I ask a lot. The venue, the visitors, the profile of the guests, their demographics, are they okay with green jokes, or they prefer slapstick comedy?

I dream of being the next Giselle Sanchez. The sexy comedianne. But I can only dance and host. Unlike her, I can not even carry a tune! Hahaha.

Anyway, to each and his own. She’s unique, and I am, too! 🙂

The wedding reception game: the single ladies, while blindfolded are supposed to find all ten attached safety pins on the bachelors’ suit. this was fun! 😀

  One Tagaytay – June 2013. Wedding reception.


Taken during my last NEO (New Employee Orientation) session, during a post test.

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