The Significance of June 15

June 15 marked a very significant day in our lives.
SY 2015-2016 started. Corny, huh?

Not for us. I’ve blogged about the changes, here.

Each and everyday is still a struggle.

From making sure Enzo sleeps early the night before, all the homeworks done, lessons reviewed, school stuff prepared and readied, to waking up early the following day, preparing the breakfast, bathing, fixing her hair (this deserves another post), bringing her to school, going back home and preparing for work, going to work and facing a lot of issues, again.
That’s a glimpse of what happens to me

I am actually enjoying it.

I didn’t imagine that I’ll enjoy it this much.

Especially the night time.

When luck strikes me, meaning, I am able to leave the office at 7:30PM on the dot, and traffic is light, I am usually at home by 8PM. I get to see Enzo awake, help her with her homeworks and quizzes, and bring her to sleep.
Once she’s asleep by 9PM, it’s husband-wife time.

We do a lot of catching up.

We go back to our good old days when Enzo was still so young where date nights happen in our backyard.

We can fool around laughing and making fun of each other.

If the odds are in my favor, it’s gonna be a sweet, sexy, steamy night. Haha. TMI. Carebears!

Can I say that we should have done this earlier? Nope. Because we are just RE-DOING it.

So there. Nine months to go!


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