My Go To Nail Polish


During colllege, it was a mortal sin to have our nails painted. Or even long.

Failure to follow means a zero. Haha. That harsh!

I was able to carry that all through out my life. Almost.

I can count the times I had my nails painted.

After highschool graduation, I had a royal blue color. Rebellion. Freedom. Hehe.

With my first job, I only colored my nails once. Hot red! I removed it after a week when I once thought there was catsup on my nails and put my finger in my mouth while eating, I was so tanga, it was nail polish pala.

I painted my nails twice with my second job. French tip and baby pink. 🙂

I got pregnan na with my fourth job, hence the clear nails.
Zero for my fourth job. I was the Company Nurse then, balik college days ang peg.
Things changed when I moved to my current employer. I dunno what went into me but I became more adventurous. I already had red, gray, black, blue, nude, green, but my favorite is french tip.
Having my nails french tipped is my go-to polish when

1. I’m in a hurry

2. I’ll be busy the week after, no time to maintain them

3. When undecisiveness hits me hehe.
As for pedicure, lagi lang match ang colors with my manicure. La lang. Just sharing!

Oh and that’s Ate Nida, she used to home service us, but she decided to join a local salon, it stopped. We just visit her there. Dami niya ng suki! 😀


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