Dr. Kong’s Shoes: A Review (unpaid ad) 

It all started last school year when Enzo started complaining of calves and soles pain. At first we thought she’s just having growth pains (yeah, there is such a thing). 

As days go by, the pain just won’t go away, and it often occured at night, when we are about to rest. 
Her nanny also noticed na parang na-pi-pike daw yung alaga nya, and parang laging masusubsob kapag tumatakbo.
We brought her to our Pedia, Lolo Doctor Gonzales. He referred us to a Pedia-Ortho (I can’t remember his name, sorry), and Enzo nga daw is flatfooted. She got it from my husband. 
The Ortho mentioned Dr. Kong. Akala ko he’s referring us to another doctor. Hahaha. It’s a brand of shoes daw which can help correct flat foot. We were also told to be careful in buying her footwear. Wag daw yung flat ang surface, same with rubber shoes. Nike daw has better support. Si doc may plugging pa! Haha. 
Last year, nawindang ako sa Php3,200 worth na black Dr. Kong’s shoes. This year, Php3,700 na! Her pink Nike Free 5.0 is Php2,700! Linchak! Mas mahal pa sa 2 kong Sperry na shoes!!! 
Good thing naman, yung severe flat foot niya, moderate nalang ngayon. That’s combined with the tip toe exercise, ha! Aba dapat lang! Ang mahal-mahal ng shoes!



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