Enzo Says

This morning, while I was enjoying the bed weather, husband was busy doing his butingtings, and Enzo was with my inlaws. She came running to the room, and:
Enzo: Mooooooom, have you talked to daaaaaaad?!?
Karen: Why?!? Are you guys fighting?!?!
Enzo: He’s talking crazy again! 

Enzo: Daddy, can’t you hear the rain? It’s soooo noisy! I know you can’t stop it but can you stop the noise of your hammer?!?! (Daddy was busy fixing the broken sofa) hahahaha! 
Enzo: I hate the rain! I hate the cold weather! It makes me lazy! I don’t want to make my homework!
Karen: Oh well that’s fine, then stop going to school. Wait, let me tell Teacher Celia.
Enzo: Come on mommy, it was just a joke!!!



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