On Forgiving, Fogetting and Bullying

I was bullied in grade school. There was this boy, who happened to be my seatmate, who always (as in everyday), bullied me.

He would raise his feet on the classroom bench, prompting me to transfer seat and later on be scolded by the teacher, he would intentionally pour juice on my gray uniform skirt, shoot anything at the back of my uniform, throw my stuff on the table, mock my last name (Bacdayan = Bakla yan, Baclaran, Bakla da yan).

I never told mama about it.

I remember crying everytime he bullies me.

I never got afraid of going to school.

At a tender age of 6 (I was in grade 1 then), I knew I have to make friends.

So I did.

I had 2 bestfriends whose name were also Karen (the other one Caren).

When the bully boy approaches me, my bestfriends were there to the rescue.

The bully boy eventually grew tired of me. Hehe.

When I became a mother, and Enzo started schooling, it also became my worry.

When she started schooling, husband and I made sure she’ll feel really secure.

I saw and felt that she enjoys school.

She made a lot of friends.

She also had a bestfriend, si Mary.

Come 2014, she started loosing her pencils.

Then her crayons.

Then her erasers.

At first, we thought it was a normal ‘happening’ in a kindergarten’s life.

But when she also started loosing her hanky, we were alarmed.

Enzo is very careful of her stuff.

If she finds holding her hanky uncomfortable, she puts in inside her lunch bag, so she can bring it home.

We had a heart-to-heart talk.

Then she mentioned a classmate’s name. L.

L started borrowing her pencils, and crayons and pencils.

When she tries to get it back, L would get mad daw.

We asked Enzo to tell her teachers.

She did.

We also ‘re-marked’ all her stuff.

One day, Enzo went home silent.

L, apparently, pulled down the zipper of her uniform (sa back), then grabbed her hanky and passed it around her classmates.

She went running after the hanky, and got it.

When she was already in her chair and was about to sit down, L grabbed her chair, and she fell on the floor, with her butt.

She cried daw.

L was laughing while she was crying.

Masakit daw yung pwet nya.

I was freaking mad.

I immediately called the school principal and asked for an appointment.

I did not tell her why. Para may element of surprise. Haha.

Enzo’s class then was 1PM.

We arrived at 12:15.

It was the teachers’ lunch time.

But hell, I didn’t care.

The teachers may have sensed the anger in me, kasi all of them were there.

I relayed my concerns very calmly naman.

Imagine my surprise when the principal exclaimed, “Si L nanaman?! Pangatlo na po kayong may complaint against the kid!”

L’s father daw works abroad, and the mother is a businesswoman.

She’s being taken good care of by her lola and a maid.

I don’t effin care!

I do not want the kid to be expelled, that would be too much of a reaction.

But I want her guardian and her parents to be informed that their little girl is becoming a rascal.

As an action plan, they promised to keep an eye towards my Enzo and L.

She also transferred Enzo’s chair, away from L.

They promised to talk to the guardians.

Fast forward to 2015.

I was the one who brought Enzo to school one day.

We arrived early, so she still had time to play with her classmates.

When I saw L with her yaya, I laughed.

I laughed kasi nakakatawang sa isang musmos ako naiinis.

Tapos hindi ko naman pwedeng konyatan yung bata.

So I just kept my mouth shut.

All of a sudden, L said hi to Enzo, they high fived, and started playing!

I was shocked!

At a young age, the young ladies taught me a valuable lesson that time.

To forgive, to forget and to move on.

Ang galing!

Well anyway, we hope that the incident won’t happen again.

This post is already too long.

My next post will be about how we make sure Enzo won’t be bullied in school 🙂

This post is already too long.

My next post will be about how we make sure Enzo won’t be bullied in school J


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