To Gimmick or Not To Gimmick

My husband is not lakwatsero. He hates hanging out in places. When he was still a free man (aka single), he’d rather stay in a friend’s house and make tambay. Ako, combination of both. Lakwatsa, lamyerda, laboy, tambay, hang out, I love ‘em all! Haha.

That has to change, when I got married. Culture shock talaga! There was one point that I became sad na. Peewee and I both understand that we also need a life outside our own married life.

He started going out with friends and officemates.

Praning as I am, I get disappointed, BEFORE.

Then we both laid our rules.

We agreed that the rules will never, ever be broken, no matter what.

So far, so good.

  1. As much as possible, gimmick nights should NOT be on the earlier part of the week.
  • This means gimmick night should be between Thursday to Saturday only. Gimmicks are just a break from our stressful work, so taking a break on a Monday or Tuesday or even Wednesday is uhhhm, unacceptable?
  1. If gimmick will not involve any alcoholic drink, then it can be any days of the week.
  • We have our set of friends who doesn’t drink, but prefer coffee, or movie, or just dinner. In that case, gimmick can be anywhere from Sunday-Saturday.
  1. No dinner, no alcohol.
  • Love thy liver!
  1. Girls ARE NOT ALLOWED on a boys’ night out.
  • Especially if I have not met the girls who’ll be joining them. I don’t know how he does it, I just know he does. Haha. I do the same thing. If I have not introduced a male friend, I ask him to come over, if he can not, I refuse to go out. That eliminates the feeling of being uncomfortable on both sides. Respect, dude. Respect.
  1. Companions should be reported.
  • I tell him the names of ALL the persons I am with. For emergency purposes. Get?
  1. I can only stay up to midnight.
  • Unfair you say? No. I am a woman, a mother, a wife who lives within the perimeter of her in laws, so, curfew’s just fine.
  1. Informing the other party of your entire exact plans, is a must.
  • He has to tell me where they plan to go, what to do, before going out. After he informs me that they are already in their venue, and the next rule has been followed, that’s it. I no longer bother him, I let him enjoy.
  1. He has to let me know if up to what time he is staying outside.
  • I hate waiting for nothing. I need to know if I should wait for him, or I can go to bed ahead, if I should keep the food on the table, or in the fridge. Consideration.
  1. He has to let me know if he can’t make it on our agreed time of going home.
  • No explanations needed.
  1. Hangover of any sort will not be entertained the following day.
  • Period, no erase, no ifs, no buts.

To cut the long story short, making paalam, and not making pa-alam (informing) is a vital rule. I usually let him na, minsan hindi. Though these rules seem a little odd (especially for my friends) who really raised their eyebrows when they found out, I abide by the rules. I never made paalam kay mama. I go out when I want to, whether my parents like it or not. Hehehe.

Minsan naman, husband lets me stay a little way past my curfew, as long as I allow him to pick me up after. Siyempre, I love it! I always look forward to him picking me up after a gimmick night, para may alone time lang. Hehe.

How about you? Do you have ‘rules’?


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