Recruitment for Non Recruiters

I have a confession to make.

Whenever I feel lazy to do my daily tasks, I make pakielam with the other HR facets. Hehe.

You see, I am an HR Specialist for Compensation and Benefits (minsan HR Specialist for Total Rewards daw), and my work includes a lot of analyzation, study, reports, emails, calls, SMSs, meetings, and pakikipagplastic-kan.

It’s tiring, I tell you.

I always tell everyone that CompenBen is equivalent to the aftersales of any product sold.

I do the maintenance.

I have to maintain people.

I have to make sure that the Company’s interests are also protected.

The reason why each and every soul in the office wakes up early, goes to work, and pretend to work is because they want to earn, and they are after the salary.

Let’s admit that.

Yung fulfillment, enjoyment, career growth, bonus nalang para sa iba yon.

So I have to make sure I do my job well. (Hello, exceeds expectations ang annual appraisal grade ko for 2014 :p)

Pero sometimes, just like everyone else, too, I wake up at the wrong side of the bed, or my sunrise happened at the West, or my astral body is somewhere in Mars busy taking selfie, I DO NOT LIKE TO WORK. Nakakatamad. Nakakapagod. Nakakasawa. Overwhelming.

My confession?

Every time I feel a little hellish, I volunteer myself to do Recruitment of third party manpower. Hehe.

Third party manpower includes rank and files.

That includes paper screening, initial interview and endorsements.


It’s like a breath of fresh air.

I get to talk to other people that I do not know, and get to make chismis and pakielam of their personal lives, in Filipino!


Pwedeng huwag mag-Ingles, or as much as possible, huwag Ingles.

Alam mo yun, after the interview, regardless if they pass or not, I know I won’t see them as much as I do with my other officemates.

Recruitment though, is really not for me.

Blame my temper.

Plus, I really get affected with their stories.

I love hearing their life kwentos, pero I find it hard to move on afterwards.

Masochist lang ang peg.

Having a very little background in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, my boss doesn’t mind.

She’s even thankful sa pagiging pakielamera ko. Haha.

Here are some of the ‘most memorable’ interviews I had:

K: Hi, how do you want me to call you?

Applicant: through my cellphone nalang po.

Uhm, okey.

K: Hi, good morning, have a seat.

Applicant: Hi good morning.

K: How are you?

Applicant: I’m fine too, thank you.

K: So what position are you applying for?

Applicant: What I am applying for?

Repeat 100x! Repeat 100x! Repeat 100x!


K: Bakit gusto mo na magtrabaho, kaka-18 mo lang?

Applicant: Gusto kop o tulungan yung kapatid kong 12 y/o.

K: Ah, ikaw nagpapa-aral?

Applicant: Hindi po, buntis po siya, 6 months, yung boyfriend niya, 13.

Naloka ako! Gusto ko umuwi ng bahay at itago sa loob ng maleta si enzo, at palabasin na lang kapag 45y/o na siya! Haha.

K: We appreciate your time and effort for today’s screening, however, we still need to further evaluate your papers and look for another candidate for comparison. We’ll let you know once we already have a decision.

Applicant: ma’am, sige nap o, kahit janitor, o taga-timpla ng kape, o kahit ano. Maawa na po kayo sa akin!

Ay kuya!

K: Why should we hire you?

Applicant: because I can solve all the issues that the Company is facing.

Wow! Why not try to solve our country’s issues as well?!

K: Why did you leave your previous employer?

Applicant: Eh andami kasing pinapagawa lagi ng boss ko.

K: Like?

Applicant: Basta andami, sa dami nga po, kinalimutan ko nalang eh!

Selective amnesia, ganyan?

At pinaka-classic, I really thougt I can only see this in the movies:

K: What is your edge among other applicants?

Applicant: I am 24.

See? Recruitment is fun! Pero my loyalty still remains to C&B ♥


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