Mushy Mashed Potato


Enzo loves Mashed Potato. Pero unlike any other kids, she likes it texturized. Ayaw nya ng super smooth and fine. Gusto nya yung may nangunguya pa din, may texture. Here’s my recipe for Mushy Mashed Potato: 

3 medium sized potatoes, rinsed well

Water for boiling




Evaporated milk


All-purpose cream

Ready-to-cook gravy mix, prepared according to package instructions

Cooking Instructions:

1. Wash potatoes very well.
2. In a pot of water, put potatoes, a little butter and salt, cover.

3. After 7-10 minutes, take potatoes off from heat, peal skin (this should be very easy by now).

4. Repeat steps 1-3, air dry.

5. Dice potatoes.

6. If you’ve potato ‘masher’, good for you, if none, use fork.

7. In a separate pot, melt butter, add cheese, milk, salt and pepper. Mix well. Cool.

8. Pour the mixture #7 over the mashed potatoes.

9. Mix while slowly pouring in all purpose cream. 

10. Gravy can be served separately.
This was our breakfast last Sunday, served with bacon and sausage. Yum!


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