Hatid Sundo

I actually wanted to cry the whole day!

As in crying fest!

I can not describe how I felt when I woke up at 6AM this morning. OA? No.

Enzo’s class starts at 7AM. Meaning I was left with less than an hour to prepare her, including the breakfast I am yet to cook.

I was so frustrated with myself.
Then she does not want to get off the bed.

She was insisting that she’s still sleepy. I was slowly loosing my patience.

It was already 6:30 when she sat up.

Our talk went like this:
Karen: Gusto mo na afternoon class ka nalang? Para you don’t have to wale up early na? Like when you were in kindergarten? 
Enzo: shakes head.
Karen: You want to go to school?
Enzo: nods.
Karen: Why aren’t you getting up when I was asking you? 
Enzo: shakes head.
Karen: Anak, you have to talk to me or else I won’t know what to do. 
Enzo: starts sobbing.
That was it. I was all ready to lose control, when,
Enzo: Mommy, hahatid mo po ako?
Karen: Di ba I’ve been doing that? Hatid kita? 
Enzo: Eh susundo?
Karen: Anak, di ba si Mama na po ang susundo? Kasi after I bring you to school, I go to the office naman? 
Shet. Shet na malagket.
Karen: Enzo, we already had this talk. Mommy goes to the office so we’ll have money to laboy, go to the mall, buy food from Jollibee and Chowking?
Enzo: No! Si _________ hinahatid tsaka sinusundo ng mommy niya! I hate Jollibee! I hate Chowking! Ayoko na sa kanila! Hahatid and susundo moko!

You know what pissed me more? The husband was nowhere to be found! As in di ako naback-up-pan man lang! Because I’m sure he was sharing the same sentiments as my daughter!
I felt like I was so useless.

First for waking up late.

Second, for failing to manage my daughter’s early drama.

Third, even after the drama, I was still decided to go to work because I’ve to orient 8 new hires, plus a meeting in the afternoon.

Fourth, she is absent on her fourth day of class! Had I waken up earlier, I could’ve convinced her to go to school and I’ll just make it up to her.
I asked Enzo if she already wants to go out and eat, she told me she’ll just wait for Tita Eva.



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