Ready to Rock SY 2015-2016 

Today’s my daughter’s first day of school for SY 2015-2016. May prep na’ko! For this year, we opted to enroll her in the morning class, as in 7AM early. We can not avoid morning class forever, kaya yun.
We both woke up at 5:15AM. Next to our Manaoag trip in April, eto yata yung earliest gising ni Enzo. Haha. I filed for a half day VL so I can bring and pick her up from school.
We arrived school at 6:45AM. Dahil maarte kami ng anak ko, she didn’t wear her uniform yet. Only to find out na sya lang ang hindi nakauniform! Hehe.

 Spot the pink Converse. Haha. Kami lang ang hindi naka uniform!

After the flag ceremony, the parents were briefed bu the principal thay they had a seminar regarding the dreaded West Valley Fault System.
They presented us the precautionary measures, rescue and evaluation plans and preparations that the school is doing, for our children. It was a nice talk.

We were asked to leave atleast 3 latest and most active contact numbers, that can teach in case of emergency. Next time I will share the things that the principal shared.

I hope all schools, private and public, also do the same.
O sya, uwian na, susunduin ko muna si kulet! 😀


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