Bentang-Bentang Bagoong Rice

I looooove Bagoong, and anything salty. Thanks to my Ilocano parents. 
We had almost 3 cups of left-over rice the previous night, and our menu for the day was grilled liempo marinated in native vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic, grilled eggplant and paksiw na bangus. Para mas tumaba kami, at hindi boring na bahaw ang kanin, I did my BENTANG-BENTANG BAGOONG RICE.
Benta naman talaga. Look at the photo, yan lang ang natira! Nagkahiyaan pa kasi kami sa sarap 🙂 


Cooked rice

Garlic, minced (the more, the merrier, haha)



Cooking Oil

Spring Onion (optional)

Bagoong Alamang (Sauted Shrimp Paste), I used Barrio Fiesta’s original and spicy 
Cooking Instructions:
1. In a pan, add oil and immediately add garlic (I always do this to make sure I get the golden brown color without burning it)
2. Add salt and pepper, once the aroma comes out.
3. Mix in the shrimp paste. 
4. Add the cook rice.
5. Continuously mix, to evenly distribute the paste, and to achieve a more ‘buhaghag’ fried rice.
6. Sprinkle some spring onion (optional)
7. Serve hot.
Super duper easy peasy! Enjoy! 


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