Plain Black Bag

Enzo loves arts and crafts. She loves scribbling, and drawing and coloring. We’ve seen that when she was as young as 1 1/2 years old.
One night, after office, she was beamin with pride to announce that she decorated one of my bags. My heart raced.
Enzo: Mommy, nilagyan ko ng decor yung black bag mo, kasi ang plain. 

Oh no. I only have one plain black bag. I was crossing my fingers, na sana maayos pa din.
Enzo: Ginamit ko yung ‘adedis‘ tape (adhesive) sa stickers na bigay ni Tita Irish. 

My heart was racing when she showed me this:

IMG_4244 IMG_4245

She drew a black heart, cut it out, and used the adhesive tape to hold it in my bag.
Natawa na lang ako. I said thanks and kissed her. Deadma na sa H&M na pasalubong ng dati kong boss from her HK trip. Ano ba naman yung bag sa kaligayahan ng anak ko diba, Mr. Rodriguez? #AlamNaThis


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