Where Are the State U Graduates?

I am a full-time wife and mother, and a part-time Nurse. Yes, a part-time Registered Nurse. I work in the Philippines. Working abroad never appealed interesting to me.  With the country’s current scarcity in healthcare providers and professionals, I wonder if where did all the state university graduates are, right now?

As far as I know, state universities are being subsidized by the government. The very little budget provided to them are from the taxes we, the citizens pay – income tax, value added tax, real property tax, and the list goes on.

Having said that, maybe, maybe we can ‘require’ the graduates to render a certain number of years to work for and work with the country. Maybe we can require them to serve the country before they leave, in case they decide to leave.  That way, we can maximize our workforce. There will be a higher number of available nurses, doctors, engineers, teachers or lawyers. If that happens, I guess it will be easier for the government to invite investors, there will be a lot more job opportunities, locally. As a part of the health sector, once we have an ample number of healthcare professionals, then our medical tourism can soar high! Filipino families need not be separated from each other. Children will grow up with their parents.

Maybe the government can ask all incoming freshmen students to sign an agreement relative to what I mentioned above.  If the private sector / workforce / companies can do that to their employees, then maybe the government can do, too. Some companies ask their employees to sign a non-compete agreement.  Non-compete agreement is an agreement between two parties (usually between an employee and employer) that the employee will not transfer to the company’s direct competitor or another company with the same or almost the same line of business at a certain period of time during and after employment.

Our company has the non-compete clause. I just can not disclose the duration. I know an FMCG with a LIFETIME non-compete agreement. It is advantageous to some, because this company really offers a very attractive compensation and benefits package, and it’s employees can attest to the work-life balance that they have. Kaswerte!

So I guess the government can also do that, no? Then our dear country can be a whole lot better place!


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