Nuat Thai. OB Trip. 

I am currently sitting ‘pretty’ in a massage chair in Nuat Thai Libis, enjoying a one hour foot massage. My original plan is an hour of Swedish, but  they are fully booked daw. Friday pa. I use to go here mid-week, ewan din kung bakit. Haha.  

This massage plan is long overdue. Eversince I found the easier way of going home via commute na I need not cross the deadly C5, albeit the footbridge,  I already almost neglected Nuat Thai which is just acroos the office. Hehe. 

Aryt. A number of tasks were added to my current load. I was delegated to be the Company representative to all the government agencies that HR deals with. That includes going to their branches for benefit claim submissions. My official 5 working days in the office have been reduced into 4, the remaining one is for my OB trip. Okay naman. Bawas ng isang araw yung pag gising ko ng maaga. Haha. 

So imagine the scorching heat of the sun, the increasing heat index of summer, the heavy traffic, plus the gobyernong-gobyernong asta ng ibang government employees! I really need a break!!! Hahaha. 

Peewee the husband is sort of not in favor of my additional load. Iba daw yung peace of mind nya knowing na nasa office lang ako, he knows immediately whete to go if something unpleasant (knock on wood) happens. Ang tamis! 

Despite of all the inconvenience, I still enjoy what I do. I feel important. I feel on top because employees will benefit from the fruits of my labor. Naks! 

Sa ngayon, deadma sa pagod, init, alikabok. Dadalasan ko nalang tong masahe na’to! 😀 


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