Voice Lessons

Even before SY 2014-2015 ended, husband and I have been thinking if we should enroll Enzo in a summer class, to keep her occupied. We asked her choice, and she said she wanted to learn to play the guitar, the piano, and to do voice lessons. 

I did my research and I only came up with Ryan Cayabyab’s music school in RobGalle. That’s too far for my tot. 
Fast forward to third week of April, MIL told me that a nearby Catholic school is offering summer classes for kids, for all ages: basketball, voice, piano, and guitar. Husband’s Christmas gift dor Enzo last 2013 was a guitar but the little girl wanted to do voice lessons, instead. 

MIL accompanied yaya and Enzo to enroll. I wasn’table to accompany her on her first day. When I called her after class, she sang Tomorrow (Lea Salonga), and fuess what? I cried! Hahaha. I was so proud of my little tot! Naiyak din ako kasi she’s able to carry the tune, on her FIRST DAY! Talo ako! 

Never in my wildest dreams that I’ll assist her in her voice lessons. Sintunado as I am, it was really a very hard task. Hahaha. Bumawi ako sa pronunciation, enunciation at  diction. Nyahaha!
The class lasted for 3 weeks, 8am-11am. It was also a good training for her to become a morning person. Hehe. 
I made sure to file a leave for her recitals. They were asked to prepare a national costume of any country. She was a conversative Persian girl. She refused to bare her tummy! Haha.



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