Ang Panaginip ni Enzo

I was putting Enzo to sleep last night when she asked me to define a dream. 
In the simplest possible way, I told her that dreams are what she sees in her sleep. It’s like an imagination, but it happens while she’s sleeping. 
Then she told me she had been dreaming.
She had been dreaming that it is already her birthday (her birthday’s 2 weeks from now), and we’re having a party! Her cousins Kuya Rai, Ate Bella and my mama are all there! She told me her dream was happy, and she wishes it to be true. 
It was really cute and amazing for me. 
Cute because it is. Haha. Amazing because she’s able to remember her dream and verbalize it. 

I’ll do everything to grant her dream 🙂 
When she’s older, we’ll discuss of the other definition of dreams.

The dreams that she wish to fulfill in the future.

For now, we’ll enjoy her kiddie dreams first 🙂


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