While It Still Hurts.


I want to write about this while my emotions are fresh, raw. While it still hurts. 

The Licensure Examination for Civil Engineers results were released this evening.

My brother didn’t make it. 

 Out of the 4k+, only 1k+ passed.

 It was mama who informed me. I was in denial, I cried. Hard. She was cool, it was fine for her. She told me twas fine. My brother can still take the board exam on December. 

 My brother was relatively cool, too. He was even joking that he’ll ask for a discount if ever he decides to enroll in his review center again. 

 I don’t know if I am that iyakin and was just overreacting, or my brother was just hiding his true emotions, being the only man in the family. I was expecting him to exhibit whatever I am feeling.

Gosh. This is a real test of faith. I have a lot of questions. I am keeping my sanity by believing that things happen for a reason. 

 This too shall pass, they say. 

I guess I have to hold unto it. 

Please pray for us.


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