This is actually a very late post. I joined DZMM Radyo Patrol Sais Trenta’s annual fun run last April 12. Proceeds will go to their 75 scholars. The cause is good, running is a good activity, it was relatively cheap (I availed of the early bird registration, 100 off), I had a new pair of running shoes, so I’m all set. Hahaha.

I woke up at 4, my husband at 4:30. We arrived at 5AM in BGC so I still had the time to do a little warm up and exercise, I even joined their Zumba party!

Gun start was 5:20AM. Since I was alone, I was able to concentrate better. Haha. I was able to run in my own pace. Unlike my previous buddy runs, I need not worry that my partner has run ahead or I’ve left my partner behind.

I was already feeling tired, my guts burning, throat dry and my head dizzy at the end of my 3rd kilometer. I stopped by a water station, gulped my first glass. Halfway through my second glass, I saw a man walk pass me.

Just like in the movies, the world moved in a very slow motion, my eyes blurry, then poof! It was JM De Guzman! One of my ultimate celebrity crushes! Hahaha! I walk-run-walk till I reached him. Tapped his left arm, and asked for a picture. Nyiheeeee!

He was with Jessy Mendiola, which later on I found out that they were already back into each other’s arms since April 1. Deadma lang. Haha.

My hands were shaking and I can’t even figure out my phone lock code because of excitement and kilig and nervousness!

So there! It was just a matter of seconds but that definitely boosted my ego. I ran like there was no tomorrow, as fast as a suitor being chased by a dog! Hahaha.

After the run, I was greeted by a very proud husband, and I immediately showed him JM and I’s photo. He laughed saying, “Wow, fan girl mode!”. Oo naman!

So there. Till my next takbo with DZMM! I am a fan now! 🏃🏃🏃👣👣


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