Summer 2015

our super tipid summer 😅

 My husband is in the field of construction. A licensed civil engineer. Summer / dry season is very crucial for their work an projects. Rainless days mean lesser destruction, and lesser or no reason to be delayed especially when dealing with external works. They, as much as possible take advantage of good weather, working their asses off day and night. Early turn over of projects means early return of income.

Having that reason, gives us very little chances to go on a summer vacay. That’s fine, now. On our earlier marriage years, that’s disappointing. When I was still single, my parents never fail to bring us on an out-of-town trips every summer. We’ve been to all parts of Northern and Central Luzon. Ilocos Sur, Norte, Cagayan, Bataan, Isabela, Baguio, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Pampanga, Zambales.

So for this summer, we compensate with backyard plastic pool! Haha. We usually have our family lunch together, complete with the barbeque, hotdog and anything you can grill! Tipid na, masaya pa! Our old tv set and a wall fan make it a more complete package!

Now summer ain’t that bad 😁



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