Performance Appraisal 2015


That’s how my boss rated my 2014 performance. It measured our achievements, hits and misses from January 1 – December 31, 2014. Since I can not disclose how our appraisal works, I’ll just share my hits and misses 😜

1. The uniform project 👍

Our company didn’t have a uniform for the longest time. Before we moved office from Maybunga, Pasig to Libis, I was given the task to spearhead it. From uniform design to budget approval to bidding to policy creation  to distribution, I was able to do it, and still doing it, ALONE.

2. The DOLE LLCS Audit 👍

It was already September when we received the notice ftom DOLE that the Labor Laws and Compliance System NCR office will conduct an audit to check if our company is compliant with the General Labor Standards and Occupational Safety and Health. We were just been declared compliant last week, that deserves another post, I guess.

3. The roll out of enhanced employee benefits.

It was March of last year when we rolled out a better, newer, more exciting benefits package to all employees. It was actually a joint effort between the management, the core HR and ours. Everyone is happy, who wouldn’t?!

4. The decentralization of all company processes.

I do all the compensation and benefit works and submit to our core HR for consolidation, before. Last year, as directed by the ‘upper ups’, I was able to decentralize all my work and succeeded. I personally communicate with our vendors now – insurance broker, HMO provider, telco, flight and hotel partners. I also became the company representative for all the government offices – SSS, PAG-IBIG, Philhealth and BIR. Oh well.

Those stated above are my favorites. But what made my 2014 stood out was my December performance. My manager went on a vacation, and we were directly reporting to our General Manager and HR Vice President. Some celebrated employee cases came up, too!  Sorry, I can’t tell you what happened. With my boss’s absence, I was able to gain the upper bosses’ confidence and trust. I was able to deliver every little task they’ve asked from me. Our December was full packed of issues, concerns, problems, name it, we had it! It was already the 31st of December at around 3PM when I received an SMS from one of our supervisors informing me that one of our TPM has not released their 13th month and salary yet! I was already preparing our media noche and I was still exchanging SMS with the VP HR. The result? ALL the personnel of that TPM (Third Party Manpower) received what’s due them first thing of January 1! Whew!

My misses:

1. My manager emphasized the need for accuracy

I don’t understand why when it comes to huge projects, I seldom commit mistakes, very seldom grammar lapses, deadlines are met. But with my ‘normal’ deliverables, I often suck. Haha. I’m now working on it.

That’s all! Hahaha! 

We’re just waiting for the approved merit increase! 

Very good to me! 😁👍



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