Yes and No.

I’d like to classify committed / married men into 3 types:

TYPE A – his definition of success and happiness is having a happy partner. The man’s EQ is higher, more understanding, open-minded, considerate, mature. I am pretty sure, every woman would want to have this type of husband / boyfriend.

TYPE B – happiness for him is shallow. Very shallow. His objective is JUST to keep his partner / wife happy by making sure that she’s mum or busy with something else. This man could provide enough money for his wife’s shopping or travel (with friends). That way, he can have more time for himself ALONE. He’s happier that way. He’ll have a lot of ME time for himself, or a lot of US time with friends, doing things that will keep his macho appeal. As long as the partner thinks she is happy, even if the man is away, everything seems to be fine. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and what won’t hurt her won’t kill her.

TYPE C – they are the inconsiderate, immature, narrow-minded, insensitive creatures. Haha. They are very oblivious to their family’s emotional needs, wants and happiness. They’d do whatever makes them happy and content, regardless of what the people around them will feel. They are egocentric. Their mantra in life is ME, MYSELF and I. Scary!

 TYPE D – the selfless, very giving, partner / husband. They don’t care if they go broke buying his partner’s new shoes, as long as she’s happy. He’s willing to be ‘monkeyed’ around by his partner. She says, he’ll follow. He disobeys, she’s mad. His fault or not, he says sorry.

So, in what category does your boyfriend / partner / husband fall?


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