Fashion Blogger. Not.

If I were to compile my photos with #OOTD or Outfit of the Day, I’ll have the most boring collection. Hahaha. I’m 100% sure, I will never pass as a fashion blogger. 


1. I do not dress to impress.

– my head has a lot more to say than whatever I am wearing. I know I need not display a lot of skin to show off. 

2. I wear what’s comfortable, not what’s uso, or in. 

–  let’s just say that I can’t entertain the idea of entering a room with 10 other girls wearing the same clothes as I do. Haha. 

3. Because I only purchase clothes that are within my budget.

– I still purchase clothes from tiangge, or during mall sale, but I always make sure that the quality isn’t compromised. I’m into Zalora online shopping these past few months, and I can assure if their merchandise’s quality.

4. Basic pieces.

– i take the advice of ‘authentic’ fashion bloggers and magazines to own several basic pieces. LBD (little black dress), a reliable pair of pumps, plain white tee, jeans (not the tathered one), a formal and smart casual cardigan, black skirt, sneakers…

5. Accesorize.

– I have alot way back then, and I mean alot. I can accesorize for two whole months without repeating or reusing any of those. As I ‘age’, I’ve filtered my accesories, and gave most away. Tita Eva’s (my daughter’s nanny) twin daughters received them. 

6. I just know, I am not fashionable. I do not know how each cloth is called. Period. 

Since we already have our office uniform, pag –porma is no longer needed. Oh well.

There. Haha.

Stripe maxidress from Divisoria. Short sleeves cardigan from I can’t remember. Shining shimmering sandals from tiangge. Shades from Charles and Keith. Wrist watch from Fossil.

Dress from Zalora, shoes from our local market. Blurred photo c/o my daughter. Hahaha.

Top from Cinderella, shorts from a thrift shop,  red sandals from tiangge


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