My Generosity: 7

If I were to rate myself on my level of generosity (10 highest), I’d give myself a seven. Nope, never a ten because I am not a saint. I am just human and I think it’s healthy to be selfish on some occasions. While some friends and relatives can attest that I am normally kuripot frugal, I don’t find it weird or bad if I hesitate to financially help other people, or people I barely know.

Being married should not end anyone’s quest to financial freedom. As a woman who receives her husband’s salary and in charge of doing all the ‘budgetary’ works, my generosity, capability and ability to handle the finances well is always tried (or so I thought). Should I give money to my brother who ‘wants’ a new shoes, or to my sister who accidentally spends the supposedly savings for her coffee dates, or to my sister-in-law who’ll go out of town, or to a cousin-in-law who ran out of budget, or to an officemate, or to a friend, or just forget somebody else’s utang (ehem) the list goes on.

Should I give money to charity, to a religious organization, or to a cause? Some say I should donate 10% of my income. Husband and I were discussing about it the other night. Some even have a term for it – TITHE. It is a practice, or more of a way of life, that a lot of other religions have adopted as a part of the belief, of their faith. Honestly? I admire them. Why? Not everyone can do it, not everyone is able, and not everyone is WILLING to do it.

We do not do tithing. Though we donate to some charity, the church, non-profit organizations, to those who asks for solicitations. There is no fixed amount. We donate an amount that we are comfortable giving. I guess handing alms to beggars or street children also count. As to when are we going to practice tithing, I do not know. I can not commit. I can not compromise. Not yet.

As of writing, my focus is to still achieve my financial freedom, by continuing to be a better person, more loving, more compassionate, more forgiving, more understanding. In God’s time, when I am ready, when we are ready, then we can share our blessing more, we can be more generous. Doors aren’t closed.

Just my two cents.


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