Privato 2015

We initially planned to take advantage of the Christmas season’s long holidays to take a staycation. But the kasipagan in us already had a staycation ahead. So it was cancelled then was moved in January for our wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday. Our schedules didn’t permit us, so it was moved in February for our Valentine’s Day celebration. But we are busy peoples (haha), so it was again cancelled.

Our resevation will be forfeited if we still fail to show up before March ends. The last weekend of March is Enzo’s graduation, and Ate Belay’s was on the third week.

Husband has a very critical project deadline on the same month, and I was helluva busy with our company’s LLCS Audit, and the communication subsidy migration. We already accepted the fact that we might just allow the staycation to be forfeited.

One day, husband and I just woke up feeling really tired and exhausted and drained and burned out, and it was only a TUESDAY! So we made out our mind and decided to call Privato and confirm that we’ll check-in on March 18 (Saturday). 

My excitement went back, energy refilled, and I really wanted to pull the days para weekend na!

Fast forward to Saturday. We were allowed to have an early check-in, which was at noon! Hehe. 

Check-in was swift and easy and fast! It took us less than 10 minutes! Having an engineer husband means having to check the exterior, interior and the most visible integrity of the building. Having a wife who is a BOSH graduate means having to check where the fire exits are, where the fire extinguishers are located, the emergency lights, the security lock system and any hazard possible. Hahaha.

Our room was about 25sqm. There were 2 queen-sized beds, a wall mounted flat screen tv (which Enzo claims high tech because it was hanging, but ours was a lot bigger, kaya okay na), ACU was very fine, a personal fridge with complimentary water, coffee and tea. Rain shower head also delighted Enzo. Bath area is separated by a glass panel from the toilet area. Enzo also loved the huge sink! 😀

The highlight of our stay for Enzo is the pool at the roof deck, and the bar overlooking Ortigas and BGC for husband and I. 

We had lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. After checking out the facilities, husband left for office (yeah I know). Enzo and I were supposed to take a nap first, before heading back to the pool.

Right after husband left, the mom and daughter tandem did a photoshoot, and off we went to the pool! Haha. It was 3-4ft deep, according to Kuya who asked us to register first. Since Enzo stands 3’6″ inches, she didn’t have a hard time playing in the water. She even made some friends! 

We stayed there for 3 hours. The improvised Bermuda was nice, water smells chlorine, though there are some parts of the pool’s tiles that are a little slimy (OC…). 

There were free towels being handed out for everyone in the pool. There were only 6 kids and 4 adults, so it wasn’t that crowded.

After exhausting ourselves, we went back to the restaurant for our merienda. Enzo finished  an adult serving of Spaghetti Bolognese and a glass of Four Seasons! Hahaha. I had Pasta Marinara. Both pasta was good but a little pricey. Enzo’s juice was Php95.00 (the one in a can).

Enzo enjoyed watching all her favorite cartoons while I took advantage of the free wifi to update our Ipad’s iOS. Hahaha. At 7pm, I called the receptionist to ask if we can bring our own food inside the room (I shoul’ve done that before we checked-in). She said yes, no corkage fee. Yiheeee!

Enzo and I went to the nearby Chowking beside Privato (she wanted KFC, but then agreed that it is Chowking who has Pancit Canton. Hahaha).

Husband arrived at 9PM. 

Enzo and I slept together, while husband enjoyed the other queen-sized bed ALONE! The sheets were very soft, it smells good, and their mattress was an orthopedic type! Saya! 

At around 11PM, Enzo woke up and asked for an electric fan! Hahaha! Imagine our horror! I was really very cold, and she wanted a fan! Wala daw hangin, lamig lang meron! Hahaha.

Husband and I agreed to wake up early because the breakfast buffet (which comes with the reservation) is only up to 10AM. 

I woke up first. It was past 8AM when we went down for breakfast. The food was a so-so, very limited choices. Enzo loved the cereals bar! 

Our check-out time was 2:00PM, but we left at 11 to attend Marco and Marty’s birthday. Marco and Marty are the adorable sons of my husband’s college friend, Mark 🙂 

Overall, I can say that our staycation was all worth it. The damage? A whopping Php 3,200.00! Hahaha. Pwede na di ba?! 





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