Board Exam

My brother Kenneth will be taking his board examination for Civil Engineer on May (good Lord!). I know how it feels. I know the pressure. I know the excitement. I know the feeling of wanting to throw up. I know the nervousness. I know the sleepless nights. I know. I do. 

Our college incorporated the Nurse Licensure Exam review in our fourth year second semester curriculum. We do our duties / RLE (Related Learning Experience) 3 days a week, classroom lectures 3 days a week, and review sessions on a Sunday, with our in-house review center. Lagare talaga! 

After graduation, we had the option whether to re-enroll with our in-house, or go on with our own choice. I stayed with East West Review Center. I stayed because:

1. I trusted Dean Leonora Reyes of Lyceum 2. I do not want to deviate with the study habits I’ve formed.

3. It was relatively cheap compared to others (my enrollment fee was worth a classic Tag Heuer watch, huhuhu that deserves another story).

4. My friends Suzy, Roxy and Tine decided that we go our separate ways, so we can focus and exchange notes that we’ll get from the review centers we’ll enroll ourselves with.

After graduation, my siblings were sent to the province so I can focus on my review. I was an only child for two months! Haha. It was sad, though.

No gimmicks, no summer outings. No mallings. My social life was a zero. I wake up at 9AM, take a bath, do brunch, review classes from noon to 9PM, arrive home at 11, review some more until 3AM, sleep, repeat for two months. Hehe. 

Our bedroom wall and ceiling was filled with manila paper and the normal electrolyte values, imbalances, all the DOH accredited herbal medicines-it’s usage, part to be used, how to prepare, an image of a body -anatomy, physiology, normal, abnormal, medications, indications, contraindications, nursing interventions, all the defense mechanism, all the psychological theories pertaining to growth and development! 

I was able to answer 10,000 questions from October 2005 to May 2006! Yes! TEN THOUSAND QUESTIONS. I made sure to also practice answering test questions under pressure, shading of the ovals included – not too heavy, not too light. Hehehe. 

I did a novena to St. Jude, too! I prayed a lot.  I mean a lot! Three days before the board, I was alone in my room, and I was singing Come Holy Spirit (Come Holy Spirit, I need You, come Holy Spirit, I pray)! Hahahaha! 

No regrets, though. All of my sacrifices have paid off. I took and passed the board exam, TWICE! Yuhoooo! 

Karen Anne Bacdayan – Rodriguez, RN




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