Aglio Olio Tuyo Pasta

I suck in making red sauce for pasta. It is either too sweet or too sour or bland. So to compensate, I made sure I excel in doing cream based, white, or oil-based sauce. 

Since it’s the Holy Week, and the meat lover in us has to rest for a few days, I decided to cook something that everyone would love.

Say hello to my Aglio Olio Tuyo Pasta. 

Aglio = Garlic

Olio = Oil

Here are the ingredients:

2 heads of garlic, finely minced

1 cup of vegetable / canola oil

6 pieces large tuyo 



White pepper

Garlic powder

Dried rosemary

Dried thyme

Parmessan cheese

Pasta (cooked according to package instructions)



1. In a pan, put garlic, no heat yet.

2. Turn on stove, very low heat.

3. After 2-3 minutes, add oil and very little salt.

4. Add butter and garlic powder.

5. On top of the garlic, place the tuyo.

6. Turn tuyo to the other side, be careful not to peel off the scale.

7. Once tuyo is tender, remove from heat, then set aside.

8. Saute the garlic, be careful not to burn, turn off stove.

9. Peal off tuyo’s scale, and ‘fillet’ it.

10. Put half of the tuyo fillet back to the pan, turn on stove and mix.

11. Add white pepper (you may also add chili flakes for an extra kick)

12. Add cooked pasta.

13. Add remaining half of the tuyo (I do this to ensure ‘equal distribution of the tuyo, without over stirring the pasta).

14. Add more oil, if needed.

15. Sprinkle with dried thyme, rosemary and parmessan.

16. Remove from heat.

17. Serve hot. 

O di ba, it is cheap, yummy and very easy to prepare! My other version involves mixing the oil, garlic, white pepper, garlic powder and salt in a blender, just like a pesto sauce.


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