What if I am Not His Greatest Love?

Monday lunches are always fun. Monday is our Company’s Admin day, every single soul from the Operations department is present. Though a little toxic, it’s still fun.

Few Monday lunch ago, somebody asked, “What if you find out that your husband / wife / partner’s greatest love was his ex, and not you?”

Some had violent reactions. 

Some had none.

Some, neutral.

I wasn’t able to answer the question. I was busy listening to their answers. But for the sake of answering it, here:

If ever I found out that I wasn’t my husband’s greatest love, then, what? I don’t care. As F. Scott Fitzgerald stated, “There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice”. Never. 

My husband loved all his ex girlfriends with all his heart and soul. Devoted his time. Planned and dreamt of their future. But things aren’t just meant to be. He wasn’t meant to end up with anyone of them. Their love story has to end, as decided by fate. 

I actually am proud that my husband was able to love, and give love, of that amount, to that extent. I must be very blessed. Through that, he got prepared. His heart was emptied so that there’ll be a lot of space to fill. 

Lucky is the man who becomes a woman’s first love. But blessed is the woman who becomes a man’s last love. 

That applies to me. My husband could’ve been with somebody else before, but I, his wife is the present, his future, and I think it’s my duty to help him look back at his past to appreciate his ‘now’ better, and to look forward to his future, our future.




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