Daughter Cysts

It is no secret that I have been wanting to have another child. I ain’t getting any younger, and I believe we’re very prepared.

Last year, March to be exact, Peewee and I decided to quit our quarterly depo shot. My period went back regularly, earlier than expected.

Every month, I always feel sad every time my period arrives. Haha. Last December, I was expecting to have my period on the 10th. When I wasn’t PMS-ing yet on the 7th, I was very nervous and excited. December 10, 11, 12 passed with no period. I did several PTs, it was negative. I didn’t tell my husband about it because being pregnant will be a very nice gift for him, Christmas gift. So I thought.

I decided to consult my OB on the 19th, alone. My hopes were high. But when my OB finally read my sonology report, my world crushed. I cried infront of my doctor. I was so sad.

My OB did not see an embryo.
There was no single heartbeat.

What she was was 2 ovarian cysts measuring 5cm. Two daughter cysts.

That was the cause of my missed period. I didn’t ovulate. I have to be in medication to restore my period and to hopefully, dissolve the cysts. I was warned that if the cysts grow up to 7cm, I might undergo surgery.

I immediately informed mama, my sister, and 2 close friends. I was really crying hard when I took mama’s call. I don’t know how and what happened but I found myself roaming around SM Megamall, with no clear plans, for unbelievably 5 hours, I was just walking.

I sought another OB’s opinion the following day, and I was told the same.

Never did I imagine that I will be mending a bruised soul last Christmas. It took me a week to finally gather my guts to tell my husband. After attending the Christmas Eve mass, we had a heart-to-heart talk. I spilled my heart out, cried some more.

He knew there was something wrong but he respected that I wanted to keep things to myself, first.

Enzo’s turning 5, I, 30 this year. I really am praying hard. I still feel sad, but this time, I am more hopeful. 🙂


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