On Treating My Mom

I had an outburst of emotion two weeks ago. I expressed it through my facebook status, and I know I went a little overboard.

You see, my mother is the fourth child out of 6 of my lolo and lola.

Modesty aside, it’s a known fact that she was the only one who made it till college.

Thanks to her scholarship. She was a student-athlete playing football, softball and baseball (highschool) and a student-assistant / librarian in college.

The nuns of SSpS (Senior Servants of the Holy Spirit) helped her earn her BS Nutrition and Dietetics degree.

She’s been with them since she was 16, leaving her family in Abra, behind.

When she was absorbed at the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, she knew that she has to give back to her family.

For their sacrifices, love, support and trust.

She continuously provided them with the support they need until she had us, until my lolo and lola passed away, until she had her own grandchildren, until TWO WEEKS AGO.

Mama has been helping a cousin with her legal battles with her estranged partner.

I’ve been a witness to her generosity.

She endangered her own life twice, helping that cousin.

But she just won’t give up.

My cousin’s an OFW, and she was requested by my cousin to be her authorized representative. The court marshall approved it. (the estranged partner is a soldier)

Some things blew out of proportion two weeks ago, and the siblings of my cousin, who happened to be my cousins as well, started posting FB statuses trash talking mama.

Mama got really offended and we told her to just ignore it.

When the statuses became overboard, and below the belt, my siblings and I decided to speak up.

It was a weak shot for us to post just another FB status to defend our mom, and to make parinig to our cousins.

Out point is, it was FOUL.

My mother who catered them when they lost their father, my mother who’ll send them the last cash she has everytime their mother cries on the phone kasi wala ng masaing, my mother who’ll travel 8 hours to bring her sister to the hospital for a check-up, DO NOT DESERVE to be lambasted by her nieces and nephews.

We were fuming real bad, yes.

I can’t say that what we did was totally correct.

My post was some sort of ‘panunumbat’, but hello, that’s not the way you show your aunt your GRATITUDE.

Oh well, I do not regret my post, I do not feel sorry.

To my cousins, the damage has been done. End of story.


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