Ang Mahal Magpa-Aral!

Education in the Philippines is no longer a right. It’s a privilege.


My Zonia’s kindergarten tuition fee is Php58, 227.25 pesos.


Though, the miscellaneous is already included, ang mahal pa din!

Husband and I were telling our daughter that our college tuition fee won’t enable us to enroll her for this SY.

We didn’t have to buy some stuff, reducing our fee to Php42, 227.25

Mahal pa din, no?

Sulit naman.

We know, we feel, we see, we hear (sige, i-justify pa) that she’s learning, she’s improved a lot, and most importantly, she’s enjoying.

So, sulit na.

We deserve another tap on the back, kasi we were able to pay her fee in cash / full.

It was June of 2013 when we started saving up a portion of our income (equivalent to her monthly fee) for her tuition.

Kaya hindi masyado mabigat, hindi nakakabigla.

So walang utang. Yehey!

We plan to continue our ‘saving routine’ hanggang mag-college siya! 😀


I wonder how’s it gonna be for the other parents who aren’t earning enough?

Are the kids’ education will be jeopardized and sacrificed? Sad no?

I’m sure mama’s also glad and proud that my husband and I are doing just fine with our finances, with our family life and relationships 😀


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