SPD-C Head

“Ui, lam mo, yung Store Planning & Development – Construction head namin, ka-age ko lang pala, tsaka sa PCC din sya nag-graduate ng highschool!”


That was the start of my husband and I’s discussion last Monday night, on our way home (he’s able to pick me up from work, yihee). This was his reply: “Kung nalaman mo lang agad, early on that you’ll fall in love and excel in HR, malamang Manager ka na DIN.”

That was flattering.

But he’s got a point.

Only if I was able to find out that I’ll love doing salary analysis, government / statutory benefits, employee benefits adjustments, promotions, labor and industrial relations, and many more, I should’ve involved myself in HR right after college graduation! Haha.

When I was still a Customer Service Representative, I still didn’t have a clear vision of my future. Hehe. I just wanted to enjoy my life back then. I was happy earning a genuine pay, with genuine benefits. Haha.

There’s no crying over spilled milk, I know.

Na-share ko lang yung usapan namin. :p


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