Security of Tenure

Regularization = Security of Tenure.

I’ve always believed in that equation. When you are a regular employee, you get to enjoy full time ALL the company-initiated benefits – tactical or strategic, on top of the statutory / government mandated benefits. It’s never a secret that the last time I got regularized was during my eTel days. I was a project-based employee in MDC and NORTHRAIL. I was a cooperative hired with URC.

When I was laid off by NORTHRAIL, I promised myself that I should only land a job who can offer me security of tenure. I waited for 20 long months, almost giving up, several times. Then URC through AIMKO came. I stayed with them for 10 months. Then out of nowhere, my current employer offered me a position which I’ve been dreading to have. I grabbed the opportunity and took the challenge.

Fast forward to six months later, I am now a regular employee. Yeah! Modesty aside, but I already saw it coming. I claimed it since day 1. I knew I wanted it. I knew I would be. I’ve just finished upgrading my own benefit package (I do Compensation & Benefits), and it feels weird. Hehe. I couldn’t be any happier and proud of myself.

Looking back on my PA (Performance Appraisal) discussion with my Sr HR Manager, she told me the following:

• She appreciates that I was able to swim in and swim with the workload even if there was no proper turnover of work. The previous C&B Officer already left when I got onboard. It took them 8 weeks before they’re able to hire a replacement.

• She appreciates that I own my game, and win the victory (yuhoo, BCFG Sales theme) • She appreciates that I admit my wrongdoings, immediately, though I seldom commit them (wooot).

• She appreciates the promptness of my work.

• She appreciates the accuracy of my work.

• She appreciates that I am willing to do things out of my ‘line’, e.g., Recruitment, ER, LR


If there’s one thing that she wants me to improve? Lessen my kasupladahan. Haha. I’m not naman suplada na suplada, it’s just that my personality’s too strong, that some people tend to think I am not approachable. Hehe. Fine. I’ll smile more often. 😀 There. I know I deserve a tap on the back na madami! Good job to me.


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