My Nursery’s Fifth Honors

Dear Enzo,

You’ve just finished your Nursery year!
How cool is that?!
You now know how to distinguish solid, liquid and gas.
Can count from 1-50.
Can write from 1-20.
Can read up to three letter words.
Can identify time with o’clock only.
Can follow up to 4 steps command.
Can memorize up to 2 paragraphs of poem.
Can write your whole name alone, legibly.
Can identify the members of the community.
One digit addition and subtraction is an easy peasy.

I believe you now have more than a thousand words vocabulary.
You easily relay to me how your day went.
You can re-tell me the story of the movie you’ve watched.
Your imagination amazes me.
Your reasoning skills are sometimes annoying, most of the time, funny.

You know how to operate our gadgets, more than your Mama Eva do.
You can memorize a song and sing along with it, if you want to.
You can dance to a tune with your beat.

You are slowly growing up to be the toddler that every one adores!
I love you.
Daddy loves you.
We all do.




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