My Kuya Rai will be graduating from Pre School on the 23rd with flying honors!
VALEDICTORIAN, to be exact!
Our family couldn’t be any happier.
His mom Irish, mama, sister Bella, cousin Enzo, Titos Bong and Peewee, and Tita Karen : we are all so PROUD!
Kuya Rai maybe young (he’s turning 7 in October) but that doesn’t stop him from exerting more to achieve what he wants. J
I just contain my pride for having a very intelligent nephew.

You see, Kuya Rai and Ate Bella were both born out of wedlock.
There’s a very long story why.
They both grew up knowing that they have 2 mamas, and my papa is theirs, too.
Oh well, let’s not dwell on that.

Congratulations to the teachers, faculty and staff of Hansel and Gretel Montessori for educating the little minds of your school 🙂
Congratulations to Kuya Rai’s friends and classmates, you little kiddos made  it! :0
Congratulations to the parents, isang malaking bow at saludo! 😀

•    I can’t wait for the 23rd to come; I will also be hosting their graduation ceremonies J


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