After 3 Point Something Years

It’s been a month and a half since he transferred.
He = my husband.
After almost four years of working with (and more of working FOR), he finally decided to leave.
It was actually OUR decision.
August 2013: a job offer was made by a prestigious car dealer in the country.
He, being a car enthusiast became excited.
Almost giddy.
When he filed for his resignation, tadah!
It was denied. As expected.
There were pep talks – both from his SVP and his Director.
Somehow, he was convinced.
Every single night, the situation never changed. It even got worse.
He’ll drag himself every waking moment to work.
His pain relievers became his nightly vitamins due to migraines.
October came and another job offer was made.
This time, we both agreed that no one, nobody should and could stop us.
He field for an irrevocable resignation, effective month-end.
There were counter-offers.
Tempting counter-offers.

  1. Doubled salaries.
  2. Doubled allowances. Non taxable allowances.
  3. Brand new car.
  4. Brand new laptop.
  5. Increased mobile phone subsidies.

The counter-offers will surely make our life more comfortable.
But then, he would have the same reasons for headaches and migraines.
He was only offered with the possible monetary gains.
He’ll still be working with the same set of people.
He requested for a transfer.
We’re thankful that the new company was patient enough to wait for him.
He rendered his last day of work on January 2.
He’s back to where his heart belongs.
This time, he as offered with almost the same as his previous employer’s counter offer.
The career pipelining is also clearer.
I’ll probably discuss what career pipelining is all about, kapag sinipag 😛
I hope this stays this way longer.
Good luck to you Peewee Boy!


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