Chismis. Chismisan. Chismosa. Chismoso.

I can’t find the words to describe my disappointment with what’s happening. I’ll try, though. A very nasty rumor in the office exploded, two months ago (I think). Investigations and reviews were made. Names popped up. Scenarios were filteted. Extra precautions, made. Tto cut it short, I became ‘their’ suspect, the one spreading the rumors. The rumors were so nasty it could cost husband and I’s job. We got really affected. I would cry at the very thought of it. I can’t count the times that husband and I went home without saying a word while inside the car. We got really disturbed. Our questions – why us, why you, why me, who really were never answered. I buried my emotions to the deepest part of my brain and heart. I was fine. I was moving on. Few days before I left URC, somebody told me about the nasty rumor. She found it out from another department. I was shocked. hooray to the big bosses’ instruction on confidentiality. It was painful because I was judged and accused and I never got the chance to defend myself. Oh well we decided to keep quiet. Quoting my friend Jade, ‘you don’t have to explain to anyone. We, your friends do not need it, and they, your enemies, won’t believe you, anyway.’ I heard from another friend from another office that they are still feasting on that rumor. She also told me the names of who from the big office / source office told their department about the rumor. The names mentioned? I want to hate them. They are disgusting. I am way too disappointed. More than hate, I PITY THEM. If spreading rumors are what they are good at, then kaawa-awa talaga sila. My only message (fine. There were 3 names mentioned) for the 3 of you: thank you for making my decision leave URC a lot easier, i pray that you guys be stronger than i am so that when I fully become vindicated of all of these, kayanin niyo din. Goodluck sa kumpanya dahil sa gaya ninyong tatlo. R&F pa lang kayo, ganyan na. Goodluck. :p Ayun lang.


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