Prince Zoey and his Ate Enzo :)

Enzo: Mommy, yun ZOEY ba name ng girl or boy?
Me: both, pwede pang-girl, pwede pang-boy.
Enzo: Mommy, gusto ko na ng baby brother. Tapos name niya PRINCE ZOEY, ha!
Me: why baby brother?
Enzo: kasi wala pa baby boy. Si Alex (Alexandra Margaux), girl. Si Kuya Rai and Kuya Kobe, big na.
Me: who’ll take care of him?
Enzo: he-help ko kayo nila Mama and Daddy!
Me: dead silent.

Yes, my little girl now wants to be an ate. When I told husband about that conversation, he, too, agreed.

He feels that he is now ready to be a father (again). This time, I am hesitant.

I just transferred to another company, and enjoying my workload.

Though we really want to have a boy, I just think, it’ not the right time, yet.

Financially, we’re more stable. Emotionally, so-so.

My husband’s argument now are, we’re not getting any younger and we have to make use of our ‘youth’ the best way possible.

Those were my reasons when he wasn’t ready to add another bundle to our family.

Now, it’s 2 versus one.

Before 2013 ends, maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a final decision. Let’s see how talks will go, and what cards will be laid on the table. 🙂

For now, I think I like Enzo’s name suggestion, PRINCE ZOEY, or ZOEY PRINCE para pareho ng Zonia Piyarhoie


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