Now signing off.

URC BCFG Sales – Company Nurse

Now signing off.

Yeap. I already left my second family last October 14. I’ve filed for my resignation weeks before that. I was offered with a job to be an HR Staff.

The day I received the call from my recruiter, I was thrilled. I did my assignments well – researched the company’s history, and in-depth description of the tasks of the position I am applying for.

The day of the interview came. I arrived half an hour early so I can relax. There were 5 applicants for the same position that day. Boy, I was nervous. I remember my Recruitment days with URC. I was the first one called. After my initial interview and online exam, only 3 out 5 were left. We were asked to come back after lunch for the next level interview with the HR Manager. Since I was on leave that day, I decided to have my lunch at home. Out of the three, I was called in last, this time. While waiting for my turn, I saw the first 2 applicants leave. It made me more nervous, the HR Manager maybe that strict, that she already let the first 2 go home. My interview with her lasted for an hour and a half. It was like having a revalida with each and every little thing about the position. I was grilled.

The interview was finished at 4:45PM. When my recruiter told me to go back to the lobby and wait, I wanted to jump. Haha! After a while, my recruiter asked me to report to the Corporate office in Libis, for the VP-HR’s interview, the following day.

Good thing my then manager was kind enough to allow me go on leave again. The VP HR’s EA was already expecting me to arrive. When I checked in to her office, I was welcomed by a meztiza, 5’8″ to 9″ tall smiling lady. She called me by my first name, and the 30 minutes interview started. Again, the EA asked me to wait in the lobby.

While waiting, I received a call from my recruiter asking me to come over the head office so she can provide me the list of the pre-employment requirements! What a joy! Haha! Then, the VP-HR approached me (yes, in the lobby) and personally welcomed me to the group. 😀

I am no longer a Company Nurse. Though I’ll forever bring with me the pride of being a Registered Nurse.

I am now officially an HR staff.

Human Resources Specialist for Compensation and Benefits.



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