Diaper Weaning

Diapers are man-made miracles for some mommies like me. It helps us save our time and effort in changing, washing and even drying our old- school cloth diapers or lampins.

When Enzo started to walk, we slowly weaned her from day use of diapers. We have to endure the wet floors everytime she’ll pee. At age 1, she’s able to tell us that she wanna pee. We also watched for cues – sudden stop from whatever she’s doing, that kilig movement from head-to-toe and her verbal expression, ‘wiwi’. Then she turned to her hand-me-down potty seat (from Kuya Kobe) during wiwi time.

We only allowed her to wear a diaper during night time or when we will go out.

Last Christmas, we (husband, Tita Eva and I) all decided to wean her from wearing night time diaper on summer. Summer because we’ll have the chance to let the matress and everything in our bedroom be dried under the scorching heat of the sun. WE FAILED. I don’t know what happened, but we just didn’t make it.

Last week, I made a firm, yes firm decision to wean her. Since we can talk to her like a 7 year old, we made her understand the need of us to stop her from wearing diaper.

Diaper actually increases the risk of acquiring UTI among baby girls. Our pedia also informed us that it also imposes a risk of Meningitis. Plus,every growing kids should not only be potty trained, but bladder trained, too. There.

We decreased her fluid intake before bedtime. We give her her milk a little earlier. We also make sure she has peed before jumping in the bed.

Our first night was fine. She woke me up at 4AM so she can pee. Good! Our second night was the same. However, on our third night, she didn’t wake me up. When I woke up at 5AM, she’s wet. I woke her up and she said she peed.

our 4th and 5th night were wet nights. now, our bedroom really stinks. Thanks to the bed weather and heavy rains. I use my sister-in-law’s hair dryer to get rid of the ‘panghi’, and all our industrial fans, plus the room ventilator.

So far, so good. Kaya natin to, anak!


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