Lately, I’ve been seeing a trend on my Facebook friends’ posts. Photos of their pregnancy test kits showing positive results, ultrasounds, and an upcoming baby announcements.

I feel really happy for them. The day I found out that Enzo’s coming, a voice (hahaha) told me that no baby is unplanned. They all come into our lives for a reason.

Well, life has already proven us Enzo’s reason for coming. Enzo has been my biggest blessing and achievement. Forever, I will be greatful for having her.

Back to my friends’ posts, I can’t help but to be a little envious. I will be turning 28 this year, and I feel like I am not getting any younger. Husband is 31.

I want to have a second baby, soon. I get excited at the very thought of us being pregnant again. Everytime my in-laws tell us that it’s time for us to have another baby, I don’t get irritated anymore. I feel a tingling sensation knowing that everybody wants us to have another baby.

I want a baby boy this time. If ever a baby boy is given to us, then maybe, just maybe, we can say enough.

When my niece Alexzandra was born last June 9, everybody was excited. But my inlaws just won’t give up asking for a boy grandchild.

I really wanted to have one. However, I guess husband is not ready yet. With our super busy work schedule, he thinks we’re not ready yet. We both believe we’re financially ready, and more stable.

My depo shot is due on the 30th, and I. Will be present in Ate Tat’s clinic. If it’s already our time for another bundle of joy, I firmly believe that Papa Jesus will show us the signs.



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