May Sakit si Peewee :(

Husband’s been sick for almost 2 weeks.
He has a bad case of colds – stuffed and clogged nose, and headache.

I bombarded him with ascorbic acid, bloated him with water and fruit juices and hot soups.

OTC drugs did wonders, too.

Since a full 8 hours of rest each night is nearly impossible, I just hoped and prayed for the best.

I made sure he takes his medicines on time. I took charge of ALL the household chores during weekends.
I cooked all the best meals.
I monitored his temperature, 24 hours. Thanks God he only had 1 episode of fever.
I patiently do TSB on him.
I made sure his back won’t get dry of perspiration.

I am one happy wife that his colds are slowly getting better. Our concern now are his post nasal drips – productive cough secondary to colds.

We claim for his immediate healing. This week’s full packed with activities.

Lord, please.


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