Tantrums. School.

We had two alarming incidents of Enzo’s tantrums this month.

It all starts with a little whimpering upon waking up turned into full blown cries, shouts and even throwing of stuff. Ending? Absence in school.

The first incident happened 3 weeks ago. It took Tita Eva and her lolo three long hours to pacify her. Even I can’t do anything over the phone.

The second incident almost brought me home. I feel like my heart being torn into super mini pieces when I heard her say, “wala kasi mommy dito!”

I immediately called her teacher and asked for help. Hehe. We discussed her school behavior, and I was told that she’s a happy, jolly little girl. In fact, she’s starting to communicate better – becoming a little talkative. Haha. Then the teacher offered a parent-teacher-conference the next day.

I declined, I’ve work. The teacher made her conclusion (no offense meant, ofcourse), that maybe we weren’t noticing but we’re too busy with work now.

She’s used to seeing me in the morning, helping her and Tita Eva prep her and I am even the one who sends and picks her up to and from school.

The teacher advised a quality family time once we’re free.

So last Saturday, February 16, husband and I made sure to block that day off. I asked somebody to do our laundry and the ironing of clothes. I did my cleaning on a Friday night, too.

I tried everything to extend my patience, not to easily get mad at her, and encouraged her to speak out instead of crying if things didn’t get her way.

We made sure we touched her a lot – hugs, embraces, kalong, kisses and taps.

We exerted extra extra effort to make her laugh.

On the course of making it up to her, I got worried that I maybe spoiling her.

To balance everything, I disn’t allow her to watch tv while on bed, no matter how insisting she was. I asked her to tell me how her day went, study new songs, read books or just lie beside each other.

Gosh! Enzo’s growing up too fast that we immediately saw the inprovement. Her crankiness is now down from 10 to 4. She’s very vocal in saying ‘iloveyou mommy, iloveyou daddy’. I often hear her say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry, di na po ulit’.

I observe her behavior while eating, and she has improved, really. Once her food is in the table, she’ll make the sign of the cross, and eat – no more fights.

As young as two and a half, she keeps her promises na din. When she tells us she’ll finish her food, or poop fast or just sit down, she adheres to it. Buti pa ang bata.

I know, simula pa lang to. As a mom, I am willing to exert more.



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