Moving Up Activity

Enzo’s moving up activity is set on the 23rd. Aaaaaaand we are so excited!!!

I am not expecting for any award or recognition. Her school card is already enough for me.

Everyone has seen he major improvements in all aspects, too.

She can write her first name (Zonia) legibly. Can count from 1-20. Recite and write tje alphabet (capital and small letters).

What amazed me the most is, she can identify number, shape and size patterns and sequence. For example:

#*+ #*+ #*+ ___ – she knows that the next figure should be #. Hehehe.

She socializes better now, too! Everytime we bring her elsewhere, she says hi to other kids, and still wouldn’t talk or entertain strangers.

Her manners? Check! She says please, thank you, welcome and excuse me. She even overuse po and opo.

She knows what she wants, and expresses her self well.

She’s starting to make her own stories, too. Not the making up of stories chismis style, ha. She likes to start her story with a ‘once upon a time’. Often, I let her hold a book full of colorful photos and she starts from there.

I can’t list all her milestones, but ine thing’s for sure, all her hardwork will be paid off.

Let me just take the chance to thank Tita Eva as well, for doing a great job being Enzo’s ‘mama’. She really allots time to sit down with her and review her daily lessons. My contribution is to create exercises for them to answer. Her patience is invaluable, too. Cheers to you, Tita Eva! 🙂


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