Paranasal Sinus and Antrochoanal Polyp

I’ve been on medication since February 13.

Last November, I was diagnosed with Sinusitis. Inflammation of the sinuses. Mine was paranasal. Right facial area.
Signs and symptoms?
Clogged nose. Difficulty of breathing. Fever. Facial pain. Painful throat. Swollen lymph nodes. Productive, sticky cough. And amazingly, decrease in appetite.
I had myself checked at The Medical City, no other than. I underwent Chest Xray (front and back). For the first time, facial xray (or paranasal xray).
The ER Doctor prescribed Cefuroxime for my antibiotic, Paracetamol, Nasatapp tablet, and Salinase. I religiously followed my therapy. After a week, I felt better.
December went by with no signs of recurrence.
Last January 2, one of our OJTs (I got hired last December 18 which deserves another post) came in for work with colds. Great! What a way to start the year. I ain’t blaming her, though.
But since we share the same desk that time, (clinic wasn’t ready for occupancy yet), as expected, I got colds, too.
I started sneezing and coughing that same day. I self-medicated myself with stuff (things you won’t be too interested to find out), and viola! After a month, I didn’t get well.
I decided (yes, finally) to consult an EENT. After some research, I ended up at Dr. Dazo’s clinic, also at TMC MATI. Good thing he’s an accredited doctor of our HMO.
His clinic is really super duper nuce. I promise to take photo of it the next time I come back (still have follow ups eh). He’s warm and he’s good.
He asked a lot of questions – frequency, duration, interval of commin colds attack, remedies, mediations, history, etc. etc.
The n, he did an endoscopy. It’s a tube as thin as a television antenna, flexible, inserted inside both of my nostrils, with a camera at the end of the tube, and he’s visualized what the inside of my nose looks like. Amazing.
He told me I didn’t have immediate sigbs of sinusitis because my membranes are pink, unswollen and dry. Great.
However, he recommended that I undergo a PNS CT Scan. I was terrified. I was soooo afraid. But Dr. Dazo wanted to make sure I’ve no other complications. I had my CTScan sceduled the same day.
February 8.
My schedule was at 11AM. I went to the hospital alone. I didn’t ask for anyone to accompany me because I don’t want to be pitied on. Haha! Neither my husband nor my sister  nor my bestfriend. Though husband has plans of just being there,  he didn’t make it pa din.
The results were released the following day. As usual, Dr. Dazo was really very keen in explaining my condition.
Polysinusitis with obstructed ostiomeatal units.
To consider antrochoanal polyp, right
Congested nasal turbinates.
What worried me most was the polyp. I did some research and found out that the only cure is surgery. But Dr. Dazo is optimistic, everything can be cured by medications. I need not worry because my polyp was benign, and it’s not full blown yet.
Ang haba na, next time naman, ha?! ;p

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