Congenital Heart Disease – NOT :)

Brought Rai to TMC-SM Fairview Satellite Clinic to have his skin asthma checked last November 12.

During the Pedia’s physical assesment (chest auscultation), we immediately saw the shift in her mood. She let us hear whatever she’s hearing. The heart sound should only be a clear LUB-DUB. With Rai’s case, it was LUB-WOOSSSH-DUB-WOOOSH. A murmur. The Pedia ruled out CHD – Congenital Heart Disease.

We were referred to a Pediatric Cardio, Dra. Hilario.

I immediately called Dra. Hilario’s clinic at Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center (a 20 minute ride from mama’s place), and was told that she won’t be back until the 26th of November. Talk about prolonging the agony.

While waiting for Dra Hilario to be back, mama consulted her own Cardio and Dr. Gonzales (Enzo and the kiddos’ pedia). It was reassuring to hear that if Rai really had CHD, it should be full-blown by now. Though they aren’t disregarding the first Pedia’s findings, they still advised us to go consult a specialist.

It was already November 30 when I was able to book an appointment with Dra. Hilario. Imagine the heaviness I have while enroute to the hospital. I felt really giddy.

At the cardio’s clinic:

Obtaining Rai’s past and present medical history, we again remembered that he didn’t immediately cry after he came out. There was around 5 seconds of silence.

Pedia asked if he has cyanosis (bluish discoloration) episodes when crying on his early stage of life. NONE. When Rai started playing around, there were no records of SYNCOPE (fainting spells). His hands were never cold and clammy when tired. Venous return (nails) was 3-5 seconds, very normal. Pulse oxymeter and oxygen saturation were normal. Though she really confirmed the murmur. We had a lengthy discussion on how and where could the murmurs came from, it’s indications and complications.

She ordered for ECG, Chest XRay and 2D-Echo. The ECG and the Chest XRay was done at the same day. The 2D Echo has to be done at FEU-NRMF because CHMC does not have Pedia Doppler.

At 2PM, the results were out. Irish and I literally jumped while in tears when Dra Hilario told us that the results were normal. We just have to pursue the 2D Echo.

December 1.
Husband ditched their Christmas Party Presentation practice to accompany me to the hospital. He too, wasn’t saying any single word on our way there. I can tell he’s also worried because everytime he speaks, he’ll ask me to explain for the nth time Rai’s case.

2D echo was thrilling, exciting and nerve-wracking. Husband didn’t enter the 2D Echo room. Very him.

The room fell silent while Dra. Hilario takes a look at Rai’s heart. I saw my sister in a corner crying really hard. I stayed with Rai on the bed. I want Dra. Hilario to talk while she do the procedure. After almost 20 minutes, she sighed.

She finally talked. She showed us Rai’s 4 heart chambers. She explained the colors on the screen – oxygenated and unoxygenated blood. She showed us the walls of the chambers. She showed us a view of Rai’s heart from his stomach, from the chest, on top of his heart, while Ria was sitting down, lying on his back, side and facing down (the most difficult).

Finally, the long wait is over. No holes were seen. No blood ‘leakage’. No oozing of blood from one chamber to another. 2D Echo results were normal. What she saw are regurgitations. Tricuspid regurgations which are normal for Asthmatic patients. In Rai’s case, his heart is normal – size, shape, beats and blood flow.

Her only concern is, we have to let Rai earn extra pounds. He’s 20kgs, 5y/o. Normal for his height and age. Pedia suggested to let him be 2-3kgs overweight. As long as he doesn’t gain weight, the murmurs durinh chest auscultations will be heard.

Haha! My sister and I were already crying and laughing at the same time. I carried Kuya Rai and hugged him tight. My sister wanna do the same. Agawan talaga. She called my husband instead, and he want to do te same thing. Imagine our joy!

I immediately called mama to tell her the good news, and she cried, too! Haha!

Our life’s back to normal. We are still very grateful that Papa Jesus listened to our plea. He never left us.

To Kuya Rai, we are willing to do anything for you. Tita Ka-keng, Tito Henyo and Dendoee love you very, very much!



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