Failed the Board Exam? It Was Expected.

No, I didn’t wish that you fail the board exam, it was more of expected. Let me tell you why.

1. You were one of the most reliable source of exam leakage in college. You asked for friends, batchmates, befriended professors. Your exam results were excellent because you’ve had a copy of not just the questions, but the answers as well.

2. You were always, late in class. Always.

3. In your entire existence, you’ve devoted 70% of your time infront of your computer, online gaming.

4. You fought with your dad because he was strictly monitoring your grades. You fought with your mom because she grew tired of covering up for you. Your heart’s a stone. You missed two of the most important events in your sisters’ life because your dad kicked you out of the house. You never were sorry.

5. Your sister, who is 7 years younger earned her college degree ahead, by a year.

6. You were KICKED OUT of your first college due to overstaying. You weren’t allowed to enroll anymore, because you’ve been with them for 7 years, trying to finish a 5-yr course.

7. You failed your PE 3 (yes, Physical Education) subject, not just once, not twice, but four times! You were even proud that you were the oldest (fat liar) student in class.

8. You used your father’s connections in solving your Math problems.

9. You dreamed a lot. Never worked on those dreams.

10. Booze. Booze. Booze.

11. Everyone’s opinion was unsolicited, for you.

12. You’re a big, fat, liar. You lied to your parents, friends, classmates, professors, to me, and yourself.

13. You trusted and believed that your future lies in the stars. Horoscopes. Zodiacs. Abnormal ka talaga!

14. You were a very, very, lazy student.

15. When your freshmen classmates started finishing college, you sulked in your room, and badmouthed them.

16. Everytime you get a failing subject, your first explanation was, your professor didn’t like you.

17. You fought with your sister (3 years younger) when she earned her degree because you believed she was trying to get your parents’ attention away from you.

At age 28, a fresh grad, an underboard, with no dreams, no plans, no concrete goals, I would never dare call you a man. Not even a young man. Not even a boy. You’re a kid. You are a big joke. Honestly.

You NEVER really had that nerve-wracking experience of reviewing for an exam.

You never knew how it feels like going to a battle fully-armed.

You never felt the agony of waiting for your test results.

In 10 years of being a college student, even a PreSchooler can easily count the times you actually checked your notes for announced and unannounced quiz.

You didn’t train yourself in answering questions. You always cheated. Always. For goodness’ sake.

You wasted your parents’ money. Yes, your father earns millions, he can surely give you a fortune when time comes. But I ask, will he?! Sure. Yes, he might, poor you.

You wasted everyone’s trust and confidence. Everyone has repeatedly forgiven you, given you lots of second chances, but you are still the same old kid they know.

You’ve wasted a lot of time. Your parents and relatives could have sent a couple of young, deserving students to school, instead.

I pity those who remained by your side and got ignored because of your selfishness.

If you don’t change now, I wonder when.
If you don’t help yourself, I wonder who will.
If you don’t look back to correct your mistakes, I wonder where you’ll be soon.

From the bottom of my heart, I am no longer mad at you. I have been religiously hoping that you finally find a way to change, to improve, to modify. The bitterness you’ve left has long been gone. Officially, I PITY YOU.

*hay. ikaw pa mayabang. nakaka-awa ka.*


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